Operation Damask
Operation Damask

Carlisle Neighbourhood policing team are carrying out a week of educational talks and proactive activity against knife crime this week (w/c 6 – 12 March)

Across the week the team will be visiting thirteen schools in the area to conduct talks to year six pupils about the very real consequences of knife crime.

Also, during the week officers will be proactively targeting the carrying of knives within our community. 

Leading the week of action Carlisle Neighbourhood Policing Team Inspector Andrew Leather said “I would like to reassure the public that knife related incidents have not risen significantly in Carlisle.

“Cumbria has had a number of high-profile knife-related incidents in recent years, and we have all seen the impact this has on people’s lives and wider communities.

“We do not want to be complacent, and our aim is to educate people from an early age about the dangers of carrying a knife and getting involved in violent crime.

There are many risks when you carry a knife, not only do you put yourself at risk of serious injury, or death, you could also face a £5,000 fine and four years in jail – even if you don’t use it.

As a force we regularly run Operation Sceptre to remove knives from our community, unnecessary knives and other sharp weapons lying around only adds to the risk of being involved in a crime.

Future knife crime awareness presentations are also currently being planned by Carlisle Local Focus team. During the spring term time Samantha’s Legacy, a charity organisation, from north east will be delivering inputs in Carlisle secondary schools. The inputs will be delivered by relatives of Samantha Madgin, who was tragically stabbed to death by a 15-year-old girl in 2007. Samantha’s mother and sister aim to raise awareness and prevention of knife crime

If you are worried about someone you know carrying a knife, help and guidance is available:

Call 999 straight away if there is an ongoing incident involving a knife or offensive weapon.