Officers are asking parents and carers to speak to young people about their behaviour ahead of tonight’s and Saturday’s Uppies and Downies.

This follows increased incidents of anti-social behaviour at Friday’s event.

Extra officers and resources will be deployed to ensure it passes safely for all and to respond to any incidents.

A dispersal order will be in place giving officers extra powers to ask individuals engaging in anti-social behaviour to leave the area and not return, if they return they risk being arrested.

Chief Superintendent Matt Kennerley said “We want people to enjoy the event but unfortunately on Friday we saw a number of young people acting in an anti-social manner.  It is disappointing that we have seen a traditional community event impacted by the poor behaviour of a small number of people. 

“We are asking parents and carers to speak to young people who intend on attending the event about the impact of their behaviour, the consequences if they engage in criminal behaviour and make sure they are aware of the safety advice.

“A dispersal order will be in place and those acting in this way will be dispersed, if they return, they risk being arrested and can expect follow up visit at home from our Neighbourhood Policing Team.”

We continue to ask communities to consider where they park their vehicles during the event to avoid potential damage.

Continuing Chief Superintendent Kennerley said “We continue to ask those involved in the event and those watching to think about their safety and look out for each other.”

People should be especially careful of the risks posed by large crowds, leading to potentially serious injuries, as well as trips, sprains and bruises.

Those taking part are asked to be particularly careful when entering or considering entering any water. This can put people at particularly high risk and is not recommended. More advice on water safety can be found here - The Royal Life Saving Society UK (RLSS UK) or Water safety | Cumbria Fire & Rescue Service

To contact the police in a non-emergency, call 101.              

Please report any incidents of crime or anti-social behaviour to us.

You can call 111 for non-urgent medical advice.

Always dial 999 in an emergency – whether for police or ambulance.